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Bright and Fun Garden Party

The bbq season is officially open! For me actually it was open months ago now haha! I just love cooking food outdoors (as you already know from my previous post about bonfire getaway) and it doesn't matter to me if its still cold outside!

But I definitely prefer summer time, can't wait to plan exciting garden parties, travel outside the city for a night camping or just have late brunch laying down in the park and enjoying beautiful views.. who's excited as much as I am?

Today I want to share with you some amazing ideas for a garden parties! As I can't wait to plan one, and if you do too- it is nice to get some inspiration. This summer is all about the colours- bright, neon, pastels, your choice! As now more than ever people need to bring some sunshine, colours and happiness to their lives! Don't you agree?

So let's celebrate this summer with a splash of rainbow and bring joy to each other! So let's take a look at my amazing founds and I hope it will help you to create an outstanding party to remember!

Bright and chic dinner table

There are a lot of colour tones to choose from, I couldn't decide between pastels and bright tones. But actually they work together perfectly! I would pare pink, levander pastel tones and add colour pop to it, like bright neon yellows or greens, to make it entertaining and more fresh look. Add some fresh fruit, flowers, sweets to make your table complete and Instagram worthy!

Also don't forget to pick your table linens! I think it will complete the whole look even better. Choose a natural linen colour, or a simple white, or if you wish to keep the colourful look- I would recommend to choose pastels as well, take a look at our new table linen collection where the colours are perfect for this summer- pastel pink, levander, beige.

Amaze your guests with beautiful food choices!

If your party theme is bright and fun then so should be your food, right? You can agree with me that eye catching food is automatically more delicious, but it doesn't have to be complicated, make it simple but fun and beautiful. Here are some of the examples in the pictures, make a colourful salads, simple fruit skewers. Also my favourite thing to do is a charcuterie board, it is super easy and simple, just fill you platter with different meats, sauces, crackers, cheeses, veggies, nuts and anything else that you think would go!

Don't forget the drinks (duh..)!

Well obviously there has to drinks at the garden party, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, there are lots of choices what and how you can serve them! Impress your guests with colourful drinks, don't afraid to spice up your water with lots of fruits, mints and even thyme. Decorate your drink glasses with fruit and flowers, fun straws these small details makes your dinner party extra fun and memorable!

Now we will show off with our new summer dinner table collection haha!

We are so exited about our new linens collection! We carefully chose the perfect colours for this summer, to make your table bright, fun and fresh! We made this idea of mixing and matching the colours however you want, we have three collections- "Summer Blush" of colour choices of pastel pink, lavender and beige, "Ocean Blue" with colours blue, beige, striped blue, "Fresh Mint" with lovely colours of green, striped green, beige and pastel pink. So go ahead and mix your tablecloth, table runner, tea towels and napkins of you choice of colours!

Hope this post will help you to get some inspiration for your next outdoors party, make it big, make it bright and make it fun! We deserve this summer to be finally memorable, so let's get this party started! 🎉


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