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Bright and Fun Garden Party

The bbq season is officially open! For me actually it was open months ago now haha! I just love cooking food outdoors (as you already know from my previous post about bonfire getaway) and it doesn't matter to me if its still cold outside!

But I definitely prefer summer time, can't wait to plan exciting garden parties, travel outside the city for a night camping or just have late brunch laying down in the park and enjoying beautiful views.. who's excited as much as I am?

Today I want to share with you some amazing ideas for a garden parties! As I can't wait to plan one, and if you do too- it is nice to get some inspiration. This summer is all about the colours- bright, neon, pastels, your choice! As now more than ever people need to bring some sunshine, colours and happiness to their lives! Don't you agree?

So let's celebrate this summer with a splash of rainbow and bring joy to each other! So let's take a look at my amazing founds and I hope it will help you to create an outstanding party to remember!

Bright and chic dinner table