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Things To Fall In Love With In The Autumn

Summer is going to an end and we can finally welcome the most cosiest season of the year- fall. The time when weather is getting chilly, sweaters and stylish coats are coming back to our closets and pumpkins lates on the go warms our hearts and souls..

Take a look at our must-do things in the autumn to make you feel happy and warm during rainy or cold days.

Decorate your house.

When the holiday season is coming people more more are starting to think how will they decorate their house this year for Christmas. But why wait for Christmas? Let's have some fun and decorate our houses with autumn decorations to add more festive and coziness mood. Here you can see a pine cone wreath idea to hang it on your wall or doors, you can find it in our shop! You can decorate your fireplace as well, hang around some twinkly string lights, or decorate your porch!

Treat yourself with some scented candles

I can not imagine going though the fall and winter seasons without scented candles.. If you like making yourself cozy during cold nights, trust me, having a few candles lighten up in your room while enjoying coffee with a book is essential!

Buy new pyjamas set or socks

As we are talking a lot about cosines for this season- nothing is more cosier then warm socks and fresh, cute new pyjamas set to make you feel comfortable and cozy laying in your bed with a good book or Netflix movie marathon! Treating your self during cold season is essential to make you feel good.

Decorate pumpkins

A tradition that never get old.. But this year why not to try decorating them differently? Instead of traditional orange craved pumpkins for Halloween, why not to try paining them in pastel shades? You can agree with me it does look so lovely and not scary at all! Just a stylish autumn decoration.

Do some baking

When nights are getting longer and colder, we like to stay at home more than usual. So why not to spend some time trying new recipes with your loved ones, to spend the evening eating pies and drinking coffee.. Try to bake some apple and cinnamon pie, or pumpkin pie, fluffy cinnamon rolls and cookies for Halloween.

Update your wardrobe

Who doesn't like to shop?! Especially for the sweater season.. Update your wardrobe with some new sweater, knitted scarves, cute hats, trench coats and autumn boots!

Buy new books

While we are staying at home more than in the warm seasons, its nice to spend evening in bed or warm bath reading a good book.

Try some cold weather drinks

Everyone loves to have a good cup of coffee or tea while its chilling and raining outside.. Instead of a regular coffee, try some with cinnamon in it, or pumpkin spice latte. In late evenings do some hot mulled wine with your loved ones!

Movie marathon

If you better prefer movies instead of books, than this is for you! Get cozy in your pyjamas, get some coffee or mulled wine, movie snack and watch all time autumn season favourite movies! For example, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, Autumn in New York, Ghost Busters, Halloweentown or any scary movies that you like!

Bonfire and marshmallows

Spending a day in a country side by the bonfire sounds lovely doesn't it? If not a country side, let's go to a backyard with some friends and make a night count with melted marshmallows over bonfire!

Go to a farmers market

The season where root vegetables are on demand. Go to a farmers market to grab some pumpkins and vegetables to make a new recipe of warm soup!