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Home Trends for 2021 That We Adore

This year people have spent much more time at home than they may have in years past and that’s likely to continue well into next year. If you’ve been tempted to mix up the decor in your house, repaint walls, or tackle a major home project, you’re far from alone. But if you’re looking for a little bit of a refresh for the new year (and what will hopefully be a bit of a fresh start as well), you may be wondering where to start. What colors are trending? Is rattan still in? To answer these questions—and many more—we turned to design and interiors experts for all of their best advice on how to give your home the 2021 upgrade it needs—no matter if you’re moving furniture around or taking on a full-fledged renovation.

Gold accents

That is truly amazing as we already have so much gold decorations to offer and we are in love with them as well as our customers! So don’t be afraid go for gold details- they will bring warmth and expensiveness both to you interior. Mirrors and hardware and accents, everywhere, and so I think next year we’re gonna see it with a vengeance and I’m excited about it because gold can be such a beautiful color and not only is it beautiful, but it brings warmth and that kind of richness to a room that doesn’t feel like it’s too over the top, but gives that glam element to a space, warms it up, and makes a statement

Cozy materials

Ultra-plush faux furs, sherpa, and boucle fabrics are popping up everywhere,” Leferink said. “It makes sense, as we are spending more time in our homes, we want to be comfortable and cozy as much as possible. It makes sense, as we are spending more time in our homes, we want to be comfortable and cozy as much as possible. So that’s a good news! We all love fluffy and soft details for our bedroom especially.


In the world that we live in right now, our homes have become a sanctuary, a place that we just want to go to to relax, our own personal oasis. Light and airy colour tones will be a thing, especially mixing them with grey or brown tones.

Mixed metals

As the gold colour will be most popular, doesn’t mean you should forget other metals! Mixing metals is the transitional trend we all need. Add a little gold to your silver hues or bring in some copper! Take a look at our two different planters and how lovely they match! Even though the style and colours are different.

Wood details

Consider adding moulding, wainscoting, or other wood touches to warm things up and make a change. Wooden details really adds cosines to home, especially when mixed with neutral colours, like beige and white. You can take a look at our section of wooden handmade decorations to fill your home with cosines!


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